SoundMasking for Speech Privacy
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Analog Firewall  Model FWA101H / TSG 5S0204

Analog Firewall Model FWA101H / TSG 5S0204


Analog Firewall Model FWA101H / TSG 5S0204


Analog Firewall TSG Approval

Is a US Government approved (NSA Labs) secure telephonic        ‘Disconnect/Isolation’ device for use with ALL analog tip and ring devices (phone, fax, modem, teleconference) requiring full-time protection and active countermeasures from unauthorized listening and acoustic monitoring during any ‘On-Hook’ condition.

Sound masking: White noise machines and noise generators to correct office noise.

Specify the FWA101H whenever protection of financial transactions, trade secrets, intellectual property, ideas or any critical and confidential information must remain private to ensure the organizations a competitive edge, earnings, and growth.

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