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AVLELEC AVL- 1099 Sound Masking System

AVLELEC AVL- 1099 Sound Masking System



AVLELEC AVL-1099 Sound Masking System

The AVL-1099 Sound Masking System is a highly versatile system for
use on small projects. It has two built-in speakers set as a horizontal
array and a 12 Watt amplifier that can be used to power remote masking
speakers through a 70.7V output. Each of the two types of speakers has
a sepa-rate level control and the system has a Hi-Cut filter as well as a
Pink or White basic noise source.
The cabinet is only 2½" high so it fits into a small ceiling plenum or under
a shallow raised floor. It has two mounting supports so that it can be suspended
in a higher ceiling plenum. It has four mounting holes so that it
can be mounted on most surfaces.

Type: Self-Contained Audio Masking System
Speakers: Two 2" x 4", 200Hz – 4kHz
Filter Selection: Selectable White, Pink Noise
Level Control: Internal Speaker, External Amplifier Output
Amplifier: Class D, 2 x 12W @ 70.7V (416Ω Load)
Hi-Cut Control: Variable 1kHz – 7kHz 6dB Per Octave
Supply Voltage: UL Rated External Inline 24VDC Power Supply
Panel Finish: Black
Mounting: Four Holes for Wall Mount, 2 Brackets for
Suspension Mount
Dimensions: Chassis: W 7.25" (184mm) with mounting tabs,
H 2.68" (68mm), D 6" (152mm)
Weight: Unit 3.0 lbs (1.35Kg), Shipping 3.5lbs (1.55Kg)

• Self-Contained Audio Masking System
• Compact Enclosure Design
• Features Two Efficient Wide Range 2" x 4" Speakers
• Internal 12W x 2 Channel Class D Amplifier
• External 12W 70.7V Amplifier Output to Feed Other Speakers
• Selectable White and Pink Noise Analog Generators
• Variable Hi-Cut Filter
• External UL Rated 24VDC Power Supply
• Four Mounting Holes for Wall Mount Applications
• 2 Removable Hanger Handles for Suspended Mounting
• UL2043 Suitable for Use in Air-Handling Spaces

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