SoundMasking for Speech Privacy
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HEAD-END MASKING SYSTEM (HE-1) Complete Sound Masking Building System

HEAD-END MASKING SYSTEM (HE-1) Complete Sound Masking Building System



The Head-End System contains the Main Soundmasking Amplification equipment only:


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(1) RACK HE1-12
     Equipment Rack may be wall or shelf mounted and comes pre-wired with equipment installed      including Electrical & Vent Panels, Operation Manual with AutoCAD Schematic.

      Soundmasking Generator produces a digital output signal for sound masking that is pink
      noise (equal energy / octave) or white noise (equal energy / frequency).

     1/3 octave graphic equalizer to fine-tune your soundmasking system - to sound like your
     HVAC system.

(1) BSPK1000
     1000ft of 18AWG Signal Speaker Cable (Plenum Rated/Teflon Jacket)


     125 watt Sound masking
      5 Channel Mixer/Amplifier
      5 Year Equipment Warranty
      Channel Presedence to Integrate Telephone Paging, Fire Alarm Chirp, Soundmasking Music - Zoned Music in Bathrooms, Cafeteria, Reception Area

Up-To 120 Speakers on the HE-1
(total of 48,000 sq ft coverage)
Expandable with additional amplification

 Our Quick Cost Calculator will determine the quantity of speakers required for your area.
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