SoundMasking for Speech Privacy
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SM410A SERIES: 4" 15W

SM410A SERIES: 4" 15W


Sound masking speaker series SM410A features a 4 inch 15W single cone driver with 10 oz. magnet and adaptor ring. Includes factory-wired transformer, 760 backbox with grille, SG handibox cover with knockouts, 1/2 in. Romex connector and externally accessible input leads. Black or white housing. Optional factory-mounted bridge rails. UL Listed. 

Model No. Driver Transformer Backbox / Grille Mounting


4 in. 15W 70V 760, black Hangers


4 in. 15W 70V 760, black Bridge Rails


4 in. 15W 70V 760, white Hangers

NOTE: Models made to order

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