SoundMasking for Speech Privacy
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SMG-1R Soundmasking Generator

SMG-1R Soundmasking Generator


Models SMG-1R and SMG-1 are sound masking generators with a 1RU rackmount and space saving 6" x 5" non-rackmount chassis design respectively. These generator-only models produce a digital noise signal (pink or white) for masking system applications that utilize a separate amplifier, or amplifiers, to drive the masking speakers.

The generator produces a digital output signal for sound masking that is pink noise (equal energy / octave) or white noise (equal energy / frequency). The selected noise signal is fed to the masking speakers to produce the characteristic "whoosh" sound that "masks" ambient noise in a properly designed masking system to create conversational privacy. The generator output levels include an independent Low-Z (balanced) line that is switchable to mic level and a Hi-Z (unbalanced) line. Controls include output level and an adjustable low pass filter that shapes frequencies at 9dB per octave with roll off at 300Hz


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