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8C10MRB: Special Use Drivers - Moisture Resistant


Single cone driver with moisture-resistant cone, 10 oz. magnet and 1 inch voice coil for utility paging and low-level background...

8C10DVCA-2T72: Special Use Driver - Dual Voice Coil


8 inch 15W single cone driver with two voice coils for commercial, industrial and institutional facilities where individual speakers must...

12Q250: 250W 'Consultant's Choice' Compression Coaxial Driver


Large-format, high frequency compression driver with 38.8 oz. magnet and 1.75" voice coil for an exceptional combination of power handling...

4A30: 30W A-Series Coaxial Driver


The 4A30 coaxial driver is part of the A-Series that represents a deliberate move up in sound quality and performance...

CT830A: 20W Coaxial Driver


High performance 8" 20W coaxial speaker with post mounted, coaxially positioned tweeter for improved performance over a traditional full-range (dual cone) speaker....

8A50: A-Series Coaxial Driver 50W


The flagship of our A-Series speakers, the 8A50 is a 50W 8 inch coaxial driver that represents a performance upgrade...

810: 15W Industry Standard Driver - dual cone - 10oz magnet


Representing a step-up in full range performance from the commercial industry standard, this 8 inch driver has a 10 oz....

JR410: 15W High Compliance 4-inch Driver


A commercial industry standard 4 inch driver (EIA 5 inch), the JR410 features a 10 oz. magnet for high power...

Pro-Performance Compression Coaxial Driver: 150W, 100W.


12P150: 150W COAXIAL:High output, high quality "pro-mercial" driver has a robust motor structure with 38 oz. magnet and 2 inch...